SEPT. 28

Remember, my hours vary from week to week, and the shop is also open by appointment. Give me a call if you want to come by before or after my usual hours.


Portrait of Bonnie with cookbooks

It has been my great pleasure to serve up a delicious selection of cookbooks to customers near and far for the past 17 years.

Recently New Yorkers celebrated a new holiday: Independent Bookstore Day. It’s a day to celebrate the triumphant survival of “mom and pop” bookshops in all their variety.
      Indie stores no longer cower before the “big chains” (most of those are gone), but the online monolith looms large. I don’t get people who buy their bicycle tires, coffee beans, running shoes, dog food, underwear, jewelry, muffin tins, and skis from the same place—without ever seeing or touching the merchandise. Who cares about recommendations from total strangers, or bases important choices on anonymously awarded stars?
      If you’ve been shopping this way, give yourself a break: Visit an independent bookstore. Instead of clicking on a “hot” title, ask the bookseller to suggest something. It may be just off the press or a half-century old. Your fellow customers may chime in, too. Let their suggestions, and your own mind and heart, guide you to a book you'll love—even if you never heard of it before. As you pay for your selection, know that you’re sustaining and nurturing your own neighborhood and community, and helping a valient independent business owner keep the dream alive. We need you—and YOU NEED US.
            Here's hoping that Independent Bookstore Day was a success for everyone who participated (it was an all-day party here!), and that it’s repeated next year. Meanwhile, let’s make EVERY day Indie Bookstore Day!
     — Bonnie


A photo of the inside of Bonnie Slotnick cookbooks

As you can see, the new shop is much bigger than the old one. There are lots of places to sit, including — now that the weather is warmer — the back garden. There’s plenty of floor space for visiting pups to play (or nap) while their human companions shop. The table is more often covered with books than with snacks, but goodies will appear on occasion. If you’d like to start a cookbook group or give a talk or bring a class or hold a culinary or literary meeting, let’s talk!

Ellis Island Cookbook cover

The ideal souvenir of a visit to New York: Tom Bernardin’s Ellis Island Cookbook. I also carry the wonderful 1961 Greenwich Village map that Tom has had reprinted. Read about it here.

Italian cookbooks

The Italian cookbooks fill four shelves and, in times of true abbondanza, overflow onto the table. The earliest title currently in the shop, The Italian Cook Book by Maria Gentile, is dated 1919 and was published in New York by the Italian Book Company.