Hours for the week of July 13. I will be observing all safety protocols.


Portrait of Bonnie with cookbooks

It has been my great pleasure to serve up a delicious selection of cookbooks to customers near and far for the past 22 years.

Phase II opening begins on June 22, which means retail stores may admit customers.

As much as I’d love to see all of you pouring through the door at once, I’ve decided for safety’s sake to limit that potential pour to a trickle.

For at least the first week, I will welcome just one customer at at time, and you may stay for up to one hour. So that this goes smoothly, please make an appointment by email or phone (leave a message). It needn’t be far in advance (I don’t expect to have every hour reserved). The sidewalk out front is too narrow to accommodate people waiting outside, so I want to avoid that. 

Please come in only if you’re feeling well. You must wear a mask while in the shop (please do not wear gloves). I’ll offer you hand sanitizer when you arrive and before you leave, and will take your name and phone number (for contact tracing if someone turns out to be sick). We’ll keep that all-important 6-foot distance from one another.

My hours are posted here, and you can also check them by phone. (But NEVER rely on what’s posted on Google—it’s invariably wrong.) Remember that my hours are not the same every week, and that’s especially true now. We’ll see how it goes. If you can’t come in during open hours, I’m happy to make an appointment for a time that works for you.

Looking forward — to everything!

— Bonnie